Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Winter Photo Walk with Leland, Dec. 15, 2013 - Portland's International Rose Test Garden, No. 1

Not long after we had walked into the garden, we stopped at this section to take photos of once frozen, now thawed roses that for some reason had yet to be clipped by the gardeners. Leland works at getting the shot he wants.

Here's some info I found online about this particular section of the garden: Part of the original design, the Royal Rosarian Garden is home to the namesake roses of all past Prime Ministers of the Royal Rosarians, a civic group which serves as the official greeters and goodwill ambassadors for the City of Portland. Founded in 1912, the Order of Royal Rosarians modeled their mythical 'Realm of Rosaria' after the government of England’s King Henry VII, whose rise to the throne in 1485 ended the War of the Roses. Members are 'knighted' into the organization under their chosen variety of rose, which is then their 'namesake' rose.

Here's my photo of that same rose.

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Ken Mac said...

I like to see a dude on his knees working for the shot! I have never seen a rose like that. Heckuva macro.