Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter Opposites - No. 11, In the forefront, the ladies of the wedding party, the photographer and her helpers. Toward the back, the men of the wedding party.

While I couldn't figure out from yesterday's photo just which man is the groom, in the photo the bride is readily recognizable in her beautiful white wedding gown. I like the shiny black and silver dresses for the bridesmaids--I can tell from another photo that the black dress is worn by the flower girl, at least I think that's what she is because she's holding a small silver bucket. Their dresses go very well with what the men of the wedding party are wearing. The bouquets look very pretty, too.

Here's the photo that shows the girl with the bucket. Do you think she's the flower girl? Naturally I took the photo just as the bride blinked. Do you like it that everyone has a similar hairstyle? Is that a trend?


Melissa said...

Cute wedding party. I love those colorful flowers! The photographer picked a pretty spot to set them up for portraits too. I think the girl with the basket looks too old to be a flower girl, but maybe since she has a basket.

Randy said...

At least they chose bridesmaids dresses that they can wear again.