Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fascinating fish at the Rain Forest Cafe at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California

Jenna was the first to notice this fish and its attraction to the bubbles in the tank which was behind me, over my right shoulder. She called our attention to it, and soon Sharon and I were just as fascinated with its antics. We watched the fish swim around the tank, return to the bubbles, play for a while, then repeat the entire process, over and over. See what I mean? It was like the fish was standing on its head. In this photo, the fish is at the top of the bubbles, and another unique one is swimming by--reminds me of Bob Hope! Behind Sharon and Jenna I had a great view of another fish tank. The slowly moving fish kept me looking and looking. Look at the variety--speckled fish, yellow fish, blue fish with reddish markings, orange and blue fish, silver fish. Seeing them was a colorful treat.


Andy said...

These are gorgeous photos. Perhaps the bubble chaser wants to be a blowfish when he grows up. :)

Julie(t) said...

Great Photos with a 3D effect.

William Kendall said...

Such an amazing array of fish! Beautifully captured!