Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Seen in the neighborhood, rotating sign #1

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Franz! Too bad I cannot post how good it smells when the breads are baking!


United States Bakery, better known as Franz Family Bakeries, is located in Northeast Portland within walking distance of my apartment. Franz Bakery itself was founded in 1906.


In collaboration with E. E. Franz of Franz Bakery, W.P. Yaw of the former Yaw's Top Notch Restaurant invented the 5-inch (130 mm) diameter hamburger bun in the late 1920's. Though others are credited with creating a bread product to use for the first hamburgers known to the world, Franz is credited for inventing the hamburger bun in its current worldwide accepted form.


Franz! Like I said, too bad I cannot post how good it smells when the breads are baking. Sometimes when I walk part of the way to work, I get experience that pleasing aroma.


Andy said...

Very interesting sign. Seeing a loaf of bread this way is a first for me. PS: The smell of fresh bread... yummy!

bill said...

I used to work for 7up which was and maybe still is right down the street from Franz. The smell was awesome!! Can't go wrong with being close to a bread making business.

Barbara Farr said...

I bet it does smell good. I the resting history.

Randy said...

We would need some big jars of PB & Jelly.

Jim Klenke said...

There was a bread factory in Dallas, every time you would drive past you would smell it and smile. I think they were bought out and closed. I love the bread sign and who knew the hamburger bun was from Portland.