Monday, September 9, 2013

Creative Problem Solving, #2

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Richard's bicycle came up with a flat tire on its rear wheel as he rode near Sublimity, Oregon, on Sunday afternoon, September 8. I just happened to have pulled off in the gravel nearby to take a photo when I noticed him sitting on the railroad ties used to separate the parking area from the grassy area. I pulled closer and asked if all was well, and he told me yes and smiled. I told him that I have sons so I felt compelled to check, then I asked if I could take his photo and put him on my blog. He smiled again and gave me permission. I told him my blog's name and wished him a good ride the rest of the beautiful afternoon. He agreed that it was a wonderful day in Oregon.  I did not ask if he had walked along for a while with the flat tire or if it had happened just before he arrived at this spot on the highway. I did know that I had carefully passed him not long before. So, here's Richard, creatively solving the problem of having somewhere to sit while he changed his flat tire.


Julie(t) said...

Awww such a sweet young man. Hope it all worked out well for him.

Stefan Jansson said...

Never any fun with flat tires. Good of you to stop and check to see if he was okay. And always good to see a portrait every now and then.

Randy said...

Looks like he kept a positive attitude.

Gunn said...

He will solve the problem!:)