Saturday, May 4, 2013

Public Art - a vivid mural on the corner of NE Grand Avenue and NE Broadway Street

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I took this photo on Saturday, April 27, while waiting for the Portland Streetcar so that I could go to the Farmers Market at Portland State--I decided to take the scenic route on it instead of a couple of buses. I got off the streetcar for a quick stop at Walgreens, looking for a wristwatch. They don't sell wristwatches at Walgreens! Gosh! Anyway, while I waited for the next streetcar, I finally got to take a photo of this mural. Next time maybe I'll have enough time to walk across the street and try to get one without parked vehicles covering up a bit of the lower border.

Naturally I'm curious about the subject of the mural, so I went Googling.

Found on another photographer's Flickr: Sponsors of this mural are the Portland-Mutare Sister City Association and Africa Aids Response. It was hand painted by the people of Portland in 2007. It is located at NE 6th & Broadway.

Also found on the Internet:

  • Hope is Vital, 2007 Artworks: Mural (painted) 
  •  Artists Matt Bellingham, Heidi Schultz 
  • Collection City of Portland and Multnomah County Public Art Collection courtesy of the Regional Arts & Culture Council Materials 
  • Latex paint on concrete 
  • Dates: Installed, 2007 
  • Description: This mural's purpose is to create global solidarity and educate the Portland community about Portland's sister city, Mutare, Zimbabwe, and humanitarian efforts there. Underneath the inspiring message, "Hope is Vital," the sun shines on a yellow medical clinic Portland helped build for its sister city. In a show of support, persons from both Portland and Mutare hold hands, dance, and drum to celebrate life, above the text "it takes a planet to save a village."


Melissa said...

A very cheerful mural for sure. And yes, we will have to get together once I'm up there, which will be August! :)

Barbara Farr said...

Beautiful mural. The colors are so vibrant.

Randy said...

How wonderful.

Birdman said...

Hope is all that remains.