Monday, May 27, 2013

Mother's Day Mini-Vacation, No.15 - Views from atop Lava Butte Cinder Cone.

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One of Mt. Bachelor's ski lifts is visible in this photo, in its original size. I've resized it here, so I don't think you'll be able to see it. Just looking at it and how it went up and up the side of the mountain scared the hooey outta me.


As far as I can tell, these are South Sister, Broken Top, Middle Sister and North Sister. The angle from where I stood atop Lava Butte Cinder Cone caused this line-up. I looked and looked at maps and photos online, and the order I've mentioned is my best guess.

The top of the dead tree still standing in the crater.


A lower portion of that same tree's trunk, complete with twisted limbs covered in some sort of vegetation. Did you notice the hole in it?


I heard the sound of birds, skittering at each other. Looking carefully, I realized there were five or six tiny birds flying at each other around the dead tree. Here two of them.


Aren't those wings amazing? And that tail? So lovely, too. My best guess, from looking and reading on the Internet and from listening to the sounds of various hummingbirds found in Oregon, is that these are Calliope hummingbirds. I hope someone who knows for sure will find this post and let me know.


Cropped and altered in a effort to allow you to see the hummingbird on the tree trunk.


Birdman said...

Thanks for this trip inside a crater and that TREE!

Anonymous said...

Owing to the colors and looking up Calliope hummingbirds, I would have to agree with you on the species. They are even native to your area. We only have the one Ruby-throated species in this part of the world. And we do not have such majestic dead trees as you have in your photographs.

I bet there is a lot of activity around those trees.

Bballfan65 said...

I love hummingbirds. You take such wonderful pictures Lynette!!! Thank you for sharing... :-)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous views, my goodness! What a sight to see! =)

Barbara Farr said...

Interesting post. Amazing that that tree is still standing.

Julie(t) said...

Can't get over nature's camouflage of bird and tree.

Randy said...

I like the big bird house.