Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ground Hog Day, sort of, from the Portland Mini Maker Faire

3S Consulting LLC, chemistry demo, as seen at the Portland Mini Maker Faire. I had been attracted to this booth because I noticed the man's old Aladdin Thermos, just like the one that my dearly departed husband LeRoy used to have. Then I started watching and listening. By the time the man asked, "Does anyone want to strike a match?" I hollered, "Leland does!" My son stepped right up and followed directions as his brother Lamont, in the solid red T-shirt and the sunglasses, looked on and I took photographs which turned out well, despite the loud pop.

Straight out of the camera, cropped only. That's my son Leland holding the bottle in which something just ignited. Leland and I remember it as oxygen and hydrogen. I know you don't have any trouble understanding just how excited I was to see this photo of the explosion and the flame inside the bottle, as well as flying out the neck of the bottle. So was the man in the booth, wearing the red shirt and holding the match. I promised to e-mail him the photo and he handed me something with his e-mail address on it. I have lost it. I don't follow directions nearly as well as my son.


Cropped and altered with BeFunky's HDR 1.


Cropped and altered with BeFunky's OrtonStyle 1.


Cropped and altered with BeFunky's Underpainting 1. Which is your favorite, please? I like 'em all, but if forced to pick, I'll go with Underpainting 1. Come back tomorrow for more about this fabulous chemistry demo!


william braquemard said...

Like me you've been tweaking again! That last image is the best for me.

betty manousos said...

great editing!

well done:)

i also love the composition...simply gorgeous!

Paul in Powell River said...

I'm not much for the various treatments, but to catch the instant is phenomenal!

Birdman said...

Mothers will ALWAYS worry. It's in their DNA. hahahaha

Randy said...

These are wonderful. I really like the last shot.


I've been playing with some newly-discovered effects too - love the last one as well.

Kate said...

I agree that the last photo was the most interesting.