Saturday, January 21, 2012

Seen on the Walk to Work, September 30, 2011

A new, modern building on the corner of SE 6th Avenue and East Burnside. I cannot explain why, but it appeals to me, so much so that I always look up when I walk or ride by (if I'm on the correct side of the bus to able to see it out of the window). As near as I can tell, businesses occupy or will occupy all of the space.

Here are three versions of much the same cropped photo. This one is merely cropped at Picnik. The grays and rectangles are a gray flannel suit. The windows are the shiny tie paired with it by a stylist with personal flair.

This one is cropped and altered for clarity at Picnik. Clarity makes the grays pop which brings into greater focus the architectural details--those various rectangular shapes extended from the main structure. I don't know architectural terms, sorry.

This is the second photo, further enhanced with the HDR-ish special effect at Picnik. This version is just plain fun to me. Moving the Strength slider and the Radius slider, I came up with this combo which I like, mostly because of the glowing on the gray rectangles and the details become better visible in the clouds.


Andy said...

The overhangs make it look like the centre of gravity is off.

Birdman said...

Just say Legos!

parker said...

Yes, this bldg. does have an appeal! Your second photo catches my eye!

Jack said...

I would look at it, too. In fact, it demands to be looked at. I'm not sure that is a good thing, and I'm not sure the feeling I would be having is admiration.

Randy said...

I love the design.

Steffe said...

I like it. It's tiny and rather unique.