Friday, January 13, 2012

Architectural Details: A Photography Workshop, Site of Image No. 3

First, I had fun at Picnik with one of the photos that I took standing in a vacant lot at the intersection of NW 10th and NW Hoyt, looking southwest. I especially enjoying seeing items inside the windows revealed as I applied the various effects.

At this site, we were asked to look at the shorter, older brick building juxtaposed with the taller, modern one and to notice the textures, angles, and lines. This the photo that I had altered in the Effects section of Picnik--first I clicked on Invert, then Lomo-ish, and finally HDR-ish.

Here is how each effect looks if done alone to the image. Invert. Lomo-ish. HDR-ish. With no additional tinkering with the slider bars. If you click on each photo, you can get a better look at each effect's impact on the image.

Then we were asked to line up the corner of the brick building with the line beneath the outer edge of the rust-colored section which held the balconies on the newer building. It's easy to tell that there is some distance between the two buildings in this photo.


parker said...

Nice information for what you can do with Piknic. Quite a change from pic to pic!

Jack said...

I think Lynette is having fun with her editing software.

alex said...


Randy said...

Love the effect on the first shot.