Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Architectural Details: A Photography Workshop, Image No. 1

When I read this information online about an event in conjunction with the 2011 Portland Architecture and Design Festival----Architectural Details: A Photography Workshop, Saturday, October 15, 1:00 PM----naturally I felt compelled to read the rest of the information:

"Explore Portland’s striking building facades and architectural details through your camera lens with local photographer Josh Partee. This two-hour walking tour will commence at the Center for Architecture with coffee and introductions, and will then lead you to the most photo-friendly structures around NW Portland. The instructor will provide professional guidance on how anyone can take better snapshots of their built environment, with a special focus on unique building details. These lessons will come in handy whether you’re walking around the neighborhood or sightseeing in far-away locales.

Josh Partee is a Portland, Oregon based professional photographer. Formally trained as an architect, his love for the building process and architecture have kept him working alongside designers, making sure their projects look their best in print and on-screen."

I clicked to register myself. The workshop was full. So sad. Then I checked back a day or so later to see if I could find a waiting list. Lo and behold, due to interest a second workshop had been added for October 22, same time! I got in! Hooray!

Here is the first of the photos I took that day which I have decided to post--they will come to you not in the order that I took them but in the order that they appeal to me.

This is the Joanne Lilley Grand Staircase inside the Gerding Theater's lobby. Here's some information about the building that houses the theater. You’ll be glad you’ve clicked on the link because not only will you get info, you’ll find both historic photos and construction/renovation photos, courtesy of my beloved Architectural Heritage Center.


Akiko Uryu said...

The workshop sounds interesting. The picture is great!

Paul in Powell River said...

Neat! That would be something I'd like to do also.

bfarr said...

This is really a great shot. All the angles and colors. I look forward to seeing more.

parker said...

What a fun workshop this would be! A wonderful shot of this stairwell.

Check out my Red Stairwell post on Shutterbugs. Think you might enjoy it.

Randy said...

Stunning shot! I love photography workshops, you always learn something new and fun.

alex said...

quite the modernist.

Jack said...

Well done, Lynette. That would have been a valuable workshop.