Thursday, January 12, 2012

Architectural Details: A Photography Workshop, Image No. 2

Above the front entrance of The Gregory Lofts in the Pearl District. Our instructor wanted us to look for details to photograph, using light and shadow and angles and shapes. I took the photo you see below and then when I uploaded it, I decided to rotate it using Picnik, hoping to enhance the architectural details.

Interesting what changing directions can accomplish.

And here's a photo of the entrance that I took from across the street as I waited to go into the meeting site for the workshop. I felt pretty good about noticing the architectural details all by myself, especially when the instructor pointed it out to us as a subject for our photographs.


parker said...

You have a nice eye for detail. Your creative processing makes for interesting pics!

Thanks for passing along your techniques used in these shots.

bfarr said...

Nice details. I like the art deco style.

Jack said...

Well done, Lynette. It would not have occurred to me to crop and rotate it as you did, but the result is great.

Randy said...

That first shot is amazing!