Monday, January 23, 2012

Quirky find of mine, from October 30, 2010

While waiting at the TriMet bus stop, I noticed a strange sight at the bottom of the window on the adjacent apartment building. When I realized that it was a a Halloween mask wedged between a closed window and its window screen, I knew that I had to take a photo to make a record of one more quirky find of mine in my beloved Portland.


parker said...

I like Quirky! And this pic is surely quirky. Toothy rascal, is he not!

Randy said...

Makes me smile.

Jack said...

Yup. I hardly ever see Halloween masks wedged behind screens.

Don't know why you couldn't see my photo today. (It wasn't much, just an excuse for me to tell the story I wanted to tell.) But, your comment came through just fine.