Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday, August 25, Part 2 of this day's fun!

We continued east in the SUV. Our plan was to go south at Hood River, Oregon, and have our picnic in Parkdale, Oregon, beside the Ries-Thompson House. Given the blue skies, I knew we'd be able to see Mt. Hood.

Little did I know that just when we turned off the interstate that we'd notice lots of colorful activity right there on the Columbia River. Quickly we decided to head to the park beside the river for a closer look. I stopped at the shack at the entrance to the parking lot, asked the young man what we needed to do to park for about 20 minutes, and he told us to back up and park in an empty space on the entry road--no charge. Sweet!

We walked towards the river, looking here, looking there, the wind blowing our hair inside out.

Color and motion everywhere. These waves are made by the wind, not a big ship going by.

I don't know what these sail-wing-things are called, so I'll guess colorful, flexible fun.

Here's a dog having fun with a fluorescent tennis ball.

Walking out into the river.

Sort of make you think of that old saw, two ships that pass in the night, doesn't it?

Looks like fun, even to scared ol' me.

From this photo you can certainly understand why I said that our hair was blowing inside out, can't you?

Folks having fun on the Columbia River.


Randy said...

No that's the way to spend a day of fun.

Regina K said...

Looks like a great day of fun and relaxation.

Lynette, I move to KC in 1995, grew up in New Mexico so was not around during flood, but Brush Creek has flooded a couple of time since I have been in KC.

Jack said...

You caught a lot of active life in Portland.

Steve Scauzillo said...

So, did you parasail? Great action shots.

Michaele said...

Very fun to watch. Extremely brave thing to do, I think.

Jacob said...

What a gorgeous area in which you live! But people who hang on to kites and go sailing into the air are just plain nuts! Nice for photos, though! Right?