Monday, September 26, 2011

No. 5, a final bouquet of blossoms

From Swan Island Dahlias, Canby, Oregon. I visited early on Labor Day morning.

A test garden dahlia--they don't have names yet, just numbers. I forgot to photograph the number.
Pipsqueak. Hot Tamale.
Patricia Ann's Sunset. Lucky Ducky.
I'm a Hottie. Koppertone.
Bed Head. Little Missy.
Cloudburst. Crazy Legs.
Mardy Gras. Raspberry Punch.
A worker from Swan Island Dahlias cuts blossoms to be sold to patrons of the Dahlia Show. He's got his knife in his mouth and a bouquet in his hands. I had watched him for a while, walking along and cutting first one stem, then another, until he had this big bunch.


billyB said...

Wonderful colours!

Kate said...

Spectacular floral colours. Don't you hate to see the last of the blossoms?

Jim Klenke said...

beautiful macro, I love the garden. I a friend of mine was up in Portland over the weekend. She posted a picture on facebook of the voodoo donut store.

Halcyon said...

Wow! Beautiful specimens!!!

parker said...

Eye-Popping collage of color from these Beauties! Nice camera work.

Can you imagine the smiles and good feelings this worker sees when handing the cut flowers to the visitors. I bet everyone tries to smell the flowers even tho they have no fragerance as you kindly pointed out to me. (Thanks).

I felt the promise of Fall in the air this morning in Oklahoma!

Randy said...

Wow that first shot just woke me up! Great close up.

Jack said...

Quite a colorful collection, Lynette. This would be fun to see.

Michaele said...

Fantastic! The colors are so vibrant and I love the water droplets!

WendyB said...

Stunning! Brightened up my day.

Honolulu Photo of the Day said...

It's such a delight to see all of those colorful flowers in bloom. Thank you for sharing!

Gunn said...

What a beautiful place on this planet!