Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Continuing the break from fun with Milton and Kay, quirky seen on the way to work

Monday through Friday for several months now I've been walking part way to work, about a mile. Sometimes I listen to the oldies on a Sansa player that Milton had his son-in-law load with 493 songs from 229 artists, from a total of 99 albums. Sometimes I listen to my iPhone. Sometimes I stop and get it out of my backpack so that I can take a photo. Sometimes I take a photo with my iPhone. Like these three I took on Sept. 7. IMG_0451p First, the wide-eyed, cross-eyed look, up close and personal. Had me grinning from the moment I spied it. Notice that faint light shining on the white square to the left of the eyes? IMG_0452p-p Next, a wide-shot that I like a whole lot. I think it's the various rectangles combined with the eyes and the mouth and the tongue that made me want to take the photo. IMG_0453p As I stood in the street taking the previous photo, my peripheral vision picked up the rapidly increasing sunshine, so I had to take this one, too. Certainly matches the lyric, "Here comes the sun."

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Jim Klenke said...

Some graffiti is nice looking.