Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday, August, 24, as Milton, Kay and I continue to enjoy being together in Portland

Like I said, Milton didn't get a good night's sleep Tuesday, neither did Kay. I myself slept like a rock.

We decided not to go out anywhere for brunch, so I suggested we ride the 12 bus to Whole Foods. Just as we were about to walk through the door, I saw this super pink sight. Click went the camera.

Inside we each found ourselves a couple of breakfast pastries--Kay got a blueberry muffin and a pecan sticky bun; Milton got a blueberry sticky bun and a cinnamon bun; I got an apple sticky bun and a plain croissant. Kay got coffee, Milton got coffee and apple juice, I got orange juice. We sat down at one of the booths at the windows that face out onto Sandy so that we could watch folks and the traffic passing by. And I have to report that the pastries were top-notch!

Once we finished, we rode the bus to Fred Meyer where we stocked up on some essentials--I only shop once in a while at Whole Foods and then only for fresh chicken, boneless, skinless chicken breasts, maybe some ground beef, sometimes a loaf of bread; things cost a good deal there, plus I hardly ever recognize any of the brands. They didn't have the pain killer Kay wanted, either.
Not to imply that Kay was looking for liquid pain killer, she had been wanting to make some sangria a la a recipe from a friend down in Mississippi. She had the ingredients written down, so we shopped for those as well as turkey and ham from the deli counter, flour tortillas, chips and salsa, some beer, and cubed fresh fruit. Since I had not brought one of my rolling black bags with us, we carefully packed our paper bags and the one cloth bag I always carry in my backpack as best we could for our bus ride home, which would come with only one transfer. Seems like Kay and I put some items in our backpacks, too.

As we waited for the first bus, we saw these two on a bicycle crossing the intersection with the traffic signal.

Well, not just a bicycle. A composite, as you can see from these photos.
What a hoot! I've seen plenty of what are known as "tall bikes" here in Portland, but this is the first one that seems half regular bike, half tall bike!

Check out this GMC I photographed on the walk from the bus to the apartment! Cool.

I took this photo from the chair where I sit at my computer table/desk--you can see a bit of the unfinished wood on the left of the photo. Kay and Milton's feet are resting on what we'd taken to calling the world's largest footstool! Actually, it's the AeroBed inflatable queen size that Kailey's parents had loaned to me for Kay and Milton's visit. How sweet was that! Plus they wholeheartedly approved of its comfort the entire time they were here. And behind Milton you can see both of my Expedit bookcases from Ikea which Lamont went with me to find and buy, then he put together one of them by himself but waited for Leland to come over after work so that they could set it up against the wall. They put the other one together out in the hall and carefully walked it into the room. Today I'm still trying out places for things to go, which is actually a whole lotta fun. Oh, the actual footstools stacked beside Milton's right arm and the little light-colored cabinet are not in their usual places. They had to be moved so that there would be plenty of room for the AeroBed. I set it up so that Milton and Kay could use the dining room table for their big rolling suitcases--I believe it makes for a better time on a visit if you can easily get to your own stuff.

Tired but feeling accomplished, we settled in for a restful afternoon of reading and checking e-mails for them, blogging for me, enjoying sangria for Kay and me while Milton enjoyed a beer. We ate tortilla roll-ups for supper along with fresh fruit from the Farmers Market and the store, then went to bed with the goal of a good night's rest. Our Thursday plans included a trip to the Columbia River Gorge, Multnomah Falls, and Timberline Lodge up on Mt. Hood. I would be driving my first ever SUV and my first time up Mt. Hood! We decided to take the rest of our sandwich makings and fruit with us, plus some pop and water, so that we could have a picnic on Thursday!

Early to bed makes for a woman right in the head as she plans for a fun day as part of her friends' stay!


Honolulu Photo of the Day said...

That is an interesting bike and bikers! Love the pictures.

parker said...

I do believe "Pink" is that girls favorite color! There is a twin to this Scooter in my town. The lady even has a Pink helmet.

The girl has a Birds Eye View from her lofty perch. Wonder if She gets tired from looking at the top of His head?

Nice shot of a good looking "Jimmy Pickup".

I think your friends are ready for a Nap.

Lots of Fun Shots in this post. Nice!

Randy said...

What fun photos. I love going to Whole Foods when a restaurant just won't do. Funny I am wearing the same shoes right now that the guy on the bike has on.

Michaele said...

Love how you described every detail, like we were right there with you. Portland is so alive!

brian stout said...

great pics! a friend got a little pink scooter like this for their 12 year old daughter for xmas last year =)

Jim Klenke said...

I dont know if I like the pink scooter or the tall bike more.

yes, I am very happy tonight.