Saturday, September 24, 2011

We break again from the fun with Milton and Kay for a return to Swan Island Dahlias in Canby, Oregon, No. 4

Here we have a jumble of photos for your enjoyment.DSC_0081p
Vassio Meggos, what a lovely flower.

DSC_0053pSprinklers--dodging them became a sort of game for us as we walked the aisles between the rows and rows of dahlias. The person you see to the right of the leftmost sprinkler stream is not a patron. Patrons do not walk between the actual rows, only workers.

Sheer Heaven, photographed after the sprinklers had passed by.

Rawhide, also photographed after getting a drink from the sprinklers.

Vanishing point, furnished by rows of Little Missy dahlias, a paved road, and the power pole and its lines.

More perspective, courtesy of the path headed towards the spot where just about everyone who visits begins touring the acres of dahlias. The cut flower stand and the food vendors are located in that area.

DSC_0442p_people_every_whereBy the time we left, people popped up between the rows of dahlias. While it thrills me that folks come to enjoy the beauty, I knew from previous trips to Swan Island that I would also be thrilled to arrive before the crowds.

One more beautiful sight caught my eye as I drove away in the Zipcar. I had to turn around and go back for this photo of it parked nose-in beside the rows of Little Missy dahlias! A 1955 Chevrolet. My first car was a green one--I loved that big ol' car!


Regina K said...

Absolutely beautiful

bfarr said...

I love your shot of pure heaven and rawhide. Just gorgeous.

parker said...

Vivid colors all! Beautiful flowers, and rows and rows of them! The fragrance must be very nice. Wonderful photos.

Jacob said...

I'm certainly glad you dallied with the dahlias. I've never seen anything like it...gorgeous!

And the Chevy...well, it's a 1955...we had one similar but it was aqua and white and a 4-door. Lovely car!

Congrats on your Best Portland blog award! That's very cool!

Honolulu Photo of the Day said...

Those flowers are stunning.

Anonymous said...

Lynette, these dahlias are stunning! And your photos of them just as divine. I have them open on my desktop to bring some color into my day. They remind me so much of my summer visits to Bulgaria, many of the home gardens there had dahlias. Love from Jackson, Laurel