Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's your opinion of these tulips from the Portland Farmers Market?

I got these tulips on May 9 and couldn't resist taking several photos of them. When I looked at the photos, seeing how perfectly the vendor's newspaper wrap had been folded around them to reveal the Opinion section heading, I felt, "Ah, serendipity!"

I took the first photo after setting my rolling black bag up onto a table.

I took this photo in the parking garage elevator.

I took this photo in the conference room at the PCPA--I went to an usher meeting after leaving the farmers' market--Sarah gave me a ride, that's why I was in an elevator in a parking garage.

I took this photo looking down at the tulips, on the MAX on my way home after the meeting, .


Jim said...

They are nice, I like they way you presented them. However, the top photo looks like it could be captioned "I love you honey, but you got to go."

WendyB said...

Tulips are the new Flat Stanley!

Don and Krise said...

My opinion is that flowers make just about any day better.