Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Seen on the streets of Portland, No. 12

I go out to walk Duncan on May 27. We follow our usual path on our mostly deserted early morning sidewalk. Before crossing the street, I look to the left and the right--we've seen too many drivers going the wrong way on our one-way street. Whoa! What? What's that? An ironing board! On top of a white van! Huh?
We finish our walk and go back to the apartment. I put his food down for him, grab my camera and head right back outside to take photos.
What's the strangest thing you've ever seen atop a parked car?


Abe Lincoln said...

It would be hard to explain if I said, a couple making out. :]

Not as startling in those days as an ironing board on top of a new car. :)

Yes, I have a lot of boxwood and $15.00 would be a bargain price for boxwood of that size around here.

I just deposited some 400-350 million year old fossils on my Abe Lincoln Blogs in case you are into those things.

WendyB said...

It would have been much stranger if there had been someone up there ironing.

Warren said...

This new wrinkle in the ironing process was developed by a person with an intense fear of their sheets touching the floor.

The trick is for the ironer to stand on the roof with their feet wedged under the luggage rails. The driver then heads down the road at about 10 miles per hour and hands the sheets up through the sunroof to be ironed.

The wind keeps the sheet flowing horizonatally as it is ironed.

Of course, anyone seeing this as it happens naturally assumes that the person on the roof is "Three sheets to the wind".

*smile* Great pictures!!

Neva said...

Do you suppose that was done as a joke? What a hoot! I am sure it would be fairly easy to get off the roof! or maybe not!

Don and Krise said...

Even though I'm sure there is an explanation for it being up there, I'm kind of afraid to know. What's next, a microwave?