Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Seen from the TriMet bus on May 23 ... click, click, click

A classy-looking lady walks south on SW 3rd in downtown Portland--I was on my way to work and saw her as I sat on on the opposite side of the bus.

Which of these three photos do you like the best? Do you like the frame that the bus window trim created? The way her umbrella contrasts with the shadow? The way her black bag fits perfectly in that dip on the window trim in the second photo? How strong she looks?



It was a busy weekend, and I missed getting to blog and look at everyone's blogs! Here's the rundown. Early Saturday morning, I went to the Farmers' Market and came home with the rolling black bag stuffed with veggies (three kinds of lettuce, small, thin-skinned potatoes, rainbow chard, Italian kale, curly kale, asparagus, baby bok choy, fennel,and tomatoes),fruit (Fuji apples, Bosc pear),and mushrooms (morels), plus another smaller bag with a Pine State biscuit for Mama, some out-of-sight-delicious pork rillette, and a quart of strawberries. It took quite a while to get all of it prepped and into the frig.

Mama fell in the bathroom right after I got back from the market, but thank goodness, she didn't break anything! She's been a bit confused and is quite sore, but by Monday evening she began to feel more normal, not so "shaken up" as she put it. I stayed home from work to keep an eye on her on Monday, especially since she felt much worse on Sunday than she had on Saturday.)

Later on Saturday I went on an errand and ended up with a flat front passenger tire on the Buick and had to sit while an angel-of-a-stranger put on the spare--I was able to pull off the road in a shady, safe spot in front of a convenience store--I made him take some money for all of his work, let me tell you, I couldn't have done it myself--Lamont was at work, and Leland couldn't get to where I was because there wasn't another car available. Then I had to sit in Les Schwab to get two new ones put on the front of the car--it was a rotten valve stem that caused the flat, or at least the area around the valve stem was rotten, I don't know for sure. Anyway, the other front tire was OK, but I decided I'd rather have two new ones on the front, so that what the young man did. And I had him check the valve stem and its area on the passenger rear tire because just last Saturday, Leland had to have that valve stem replaced. So, maybe it was the valve stem that had gone bad on that front passenger tire, right? To tell you the truth, what went right so outweighed what went wrong about the whole flat tire thing, that I am definitely not complaining. I could have been going faster on the highway instead of in stop-and-go traffic. There could have been no where safe and shady to pull off the road. There could have been no angel-of-a-stranger or nearby Les Schwab. It turned out the spare needed air, and I had even managed to pull off right around the corner from a gas station with an air machine!

On Sunday I made myself a new breakfast dish, I mean I made it up and cooked it, then I ate it--Mama was still asleep and doesn't like . Took pictures which I will post soon, with appropriate details. Then Leland came to get me so that we could go to Fred Meyer to get the rest of our groceries. By the time we got it home and upstairs, I was beat, bushed, and just wanted to sit once it was all put away. Sit I did, until time for supper when I warmed up left-over roast, potatoes, and a dish I made up of leek, onion, turnip and arugula I had sauteed together in my olive/canola oil mixture.

On Monday, I dust-mopped, changed out our Dri-Z-Air containers by pouring out the water drawn from the air and filling the basket atop the catch basin with the little white balls that do the drawing. We keep one container in each closet to protect from moisture build-up. I also continued to rub Mama's sore spots with Shaklee's Joint and Muscle Pain Cream, natural plant extracts with pain-relieving cooling menthol. "It sure does help in a minute, too," Mama just said, adding "at least it does to me." She's right!

Anyway, I'm back.


WendyB said...

Phew! Glad Mama is okay. I like the contrast in the first photo the best, I think.

Don and Krise said...

Glad to have you back. Here's wishing Mama a speedy recovery also. My vote goes to photo #2. The background is slightly more visible & I like the expression on her face.

Janet said...

I like the first one!

AVCr8teur said...

I like the 2nd photo because I can see her face better. She looks like she is deep in thought.

Glad to hear momma is okay.