Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bar Avignon, délicieux

Here's the refreshing, tasted-just-right margarita I had at Bar Avignon, right before I took Photo #5 of the Deux Chevaux from yesterday's post. It was our first visit to Leland's new work place, two blocks from where he lives and on an easy one-transfer bus line for us.

About Bar Avignon, From the June 25, 2008, Oregonian:

Summer sipping

Just in time for the season of carefree loafing, Bar Avignon opens Friday night on Southeast Division Street. Wildwood's long-time wine director, Randy Goodman, and wife Nancy Hunt, who helped open Wildwood in 1994 and went on to run the bar at groundbreaking Mexican restaurant Cafe Azul, have long wanted to open a casual bar in their neighborhood. The 50-seat lounge will emphasize affordable wines from around the world, with 25 glass pours, single-malt scotches, artisan bourbons and offbeat sherries, plus a handful of classic cocktails for good measure.

Hunt's simple food menu is focused on bar nibbles such as panini, bruschetta and cheese-and-charcuterie plates. The couple envisions Avignon as a place where people can drop by after work, after dinner and in between. Mark Annen, who gave Park Kitchen and Noble Rot their distinctive classy-casual interiors, designed a space that Goodman calls "pretty and rustic, more feminine than masculine."

"I think in Portland," Goodman says, "people are looking for different options where they don't need to make a huge financial or time commitment." (2138 S.E. Division St., 503-517-0808, 4-midnight Wednesday-Sunday; www.baravignon.com)


Jim said...

The drink looks great, and Bar Avignon sounds like a nice relaxing place.

How many of those refreshing, tasted-just-right margaritas did you have?

Abraham Lincoln said...

Portland used to be the home of the late Lloyd Reynolds who wrote a good book about italic handwriting. Him and a wild religious group who thought I was here on Earth at my own choice and felt I would become quite famous (the said they saw me pushing a wheelbarrow filled with money) in my old age.

I am almost 74 and running out of numbers. I hope the famous part starts soon.

Jim said...

One huh? Brians Grandma gave me the coins. One for each year. I tried to tell her I was 92 but she didnt buy it.

Saretta said...

I could use one of those right about now!

kcblog said...

It may only be 9:29am here but I could use one for now, keep them coming. Heavy on the Tequila please :-)
My new job starts on Monday so the ovwhelming desire to quit the present job is driving me nuts.

Thanks for sharing, the photo brightened my morning now I have to wait to have one after work :-(

WendyB said...

I want to lick this picture.

kcblog said...

By the way, the train is in Garabaldi and it runs to Rockaway and it takes an hour and a half. It will run through September and costs just under $14 per person. I am going to wait until late September or next summer to ride it and hopefully get some good shots. You will notice that Tillamook gets the fall colors before the rest of the state and the train runs in that area. Enjoy! PF.

kcblog said...

You most likely had the right rail but they did not say anything about the summer runs. Here is a link to the correct train but it costs too much. Call them and it will be the correct one! PF.

kc daily photo blog

brian said...

cool photo, the glass looks like it's floating on the table.. =)

Virginia said...

Great photo. I would like one please, hold the salt.