Monday, April 14, 2008

Neighborhood Clean Sweep

It's Clean Sweep time in the neighborhood. Notice the dirth of cars parked on the street? About eight minutes after I took this photo, the tow trucks would begin to clear the streets of cars not yet moved by their owners.
To facilitate the pick-up of the leaves, this water truck sprayed the streets. I took these photos while I waited for the #17 bus last Friday.
The neighborhood is divided into four parts which means the whole thing takes place on four different Fridays.
Here are two photos I took on Everett west of the photos above and at an earlier Clean Sweep this year.
These signs are put out in each area on the Wednesday before the scheduled clean sweep. Also at least twice a year a brochure comes in the mail.

To read and see all about an earlier Clean Sweep click here.


Neva said...

I hope they clean our streets when it warms up!

Anonymous said...

We have a machine that used giant brushes to brush the debris up into the compacter and it does a good job of removing most things, including stones and rocks.

Interesting post.

Denton said...

We have street cleaners which regularly pass by our condo. Something we did not experience when living in the suburbs. Your photo leads me to ponder on the possibility of a photo however my memory is that their schedule is very early in the morning so I would not hold out a lot of hope for a street cleaning photo from Greenville (smile).

Champ Townboy said...

I saw four men out on the street this morning, one with a broom, one with a shovel, one with a mop, and one with a bucket. It was sad.

I like this post!! Nice to see the city keeping up with the cleanup, and your photos are cool!

smilnsigh said...

Good for the city!!!

We live in a smaller city, so street cleaning goes on more often.

Chuck Pefley said...

Funny how a few people always seem to think the rules posted do not apply to them. Just what is it they don't understand about "No Parking from blank to blank"?