Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mixed messages at a neighborhood watering hole?

Sandwiches, pool, soap ... food, drinks, fun.

I haven't been inside, but I just had to take a photo of these signs for y'all. I'm loving that skunk-like tail on the horse who has arrived at the trough and has yet to drink--it looks like he's reading the sign and grinning at the offerings, doesn't it? But I can't find anything enticing about the ol' coot and a horse in the watertrough.


There are four Citysearch reviews of the Watertrough Saloon, 4815 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Two of the four are five-star:

This place RULES!!!!! 5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended 04/02/2008 Posted by YOMAMA35

The Watertrough saloon boasts some of the cheapest beers in town. The chili is awesome (and at 3.25 a bowl? hell yeah!!). the bartenders are always cool and never too busy to get what you need...The pool tables are just .25 a game and the jukebox is kickin with a variety of music genres to fit any taste. SHUFFLEBOARD $2 AN HOUR!!! LETS GO TO THE TROUGH!!! The little known GEM on SE Hawthorne

Pros: Awesome bartenders super cheap beer, shuffleboard

Cons: no windows

It will become your livingroom 5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended 12/02/2005 Posted by mgorby

The best, and one of the few remaining, taverns in Portland. Cheap beer; four pool tables offering $0.25 games; bartenders with massive personalities; great juke box; did I mention CHEAP beer... I don't know what the other review was talking about the food. It's not a restaurant so it isn't fancy, but it's not bad. The owner makes the chili and chili dip, which are taste treats. They also have veggie corn dogs. If you're looking for flashy, this is not the bar for you: Don, the owner, hasn't changed ANYTHING since the 70s. If you're after a solid place to drink with your friends, or sit at the bar and enjoy the bartender, this is your spot.

Pros: Cheap beer, Cheap pool, Excelent Bartenders

Cons: Gets smokey

Here's the one-star: I need antibotic after going in this place 1 Star Rating: Not Recommended 10/15/2007 Posted by spark35

CLEAN this place is disgusting. Clientel tweakers and old burnouts and I'm talking about the bartender too.

Pros: ummm I didn't get the plague

Cons: I thought I would get the plague. CLEAN this place

And the oldest review: dont eat the food & you'll be okay 3 Star Rating: Average

01/05/2003 Posted by merdock21

25 cent pool tables, $1.35 tall boys of PBR, even the brokest of the broke can frequent this place.

Pros: cheap, cheap, cheap

Cons: cheap, cheap, cheap


Andrea said...

Maybe he considers himself as clean as his horse. YUK.
Interesting ratings.

George Townboy said...

FUNNY!! Great post, Lynette!

Hyde DP said...

Last time I had a soap sandwich was when I swore at my mum and she told me to go wash my mouth out!

oldmanlincoln said...

I'm with Gerald on this one.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville.

Jim said...

I probably would have like this place when I was younger. I like the signs now, they could be a lot worse, it could be all Bud, Miller and Coors signs.

Chuck Pefley said...

at first glance I thought you were in Texas on vacation. -:)

Neva said...

What a hoot!!!