Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beauty and the Barber

Berni's Sandy Rose Beauty Salon stands right beside the Roseway Barber Shop. The ironwork on Berni's sign caught my eye as I rolled the Buick to a stop at the traffic signal on NE Sandy Blvd. I went around the block and pulled to the curb so that I could get this photo. It wasn't until I had downloaded it that I noticed I had managed to get a tidbit of the barber shop next door.
Here's the ironwork for you to enjoy.


George Townboy said...

Great eye catching that one, Lynette. I love signs like that.

Oddly enough, it looks a lot like the "iron work" on my Champions Gate header, lol.

Jim said...

I like the iron work, I would choose the barber shop though. Maybe the barber shop is the name of a bar for guys to wait while the ladies go in and get pretty.

brian said...

nice looking street photo - and it's kinda neat with the barber next to the beautys shop!

thanks for your comments, and i'll be posting a few 'flower' photos from mom's over the next couple days =)...