Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ABC Wednesday - N is for No, Not, Never

No Antiques--this store closed business soon after I took this photo.

No graffiti--someone painted over it later the day I took this photo; I know because I walked by again the next morning.

No light--someone decided to remove this fixture from Trinity Episcopal, the church with the red doors, a few months after I took this photo.

No man--the rains weakened the man's paper-self and he disappeared from the weathered plywood.

No candy corn--those same rains finished what the climbing vine started when it got too close to the candy corn.

No business--Bee Cleaners has gone from this location at SW 10th and Salmon.

Not there anymore--nothing you see between the fence and the high rise buildings remains.

Not there anymore--and here's why. Yep, the great big hole took the place of this parking lot and led to the demise of the surrounding trees and shrubs. This poster stands diagonally opposite where the same poster stands in the fourth photo down on Monday's post about the assembly of the construction crane. I wonder if it's the exact same poster? I can't remember seeing any others around the great big hole these days.

No, not never--the positive answer to these questions: Will I ever get tired of taking photos? Will I ever go photo-taking without my rolling black bag?

If you're of a mind to, go to Mrs. Nesbitt's Place for loads of other ABC Wednesday blogs! You'll need to look at the comments at her blog to find out who is participating this week.


Ida said...

Nice play on words and photos! :)


mrsnesbitt said...

Loved the last one! LOL!

Yes, Change is this progress? (Referring to the first set of photographs)


Kate said...

This is quite a collection!

Anonymous said...

Lots of no.

Dragonstar said...

Really love that last one - I adore reflections!

Denton said...

Very cool No, Not, Never post. It took me a photo or two but I caught on to the idea ... What is in your rolling black bag?

judy said...

Clever post.

RuneE said...

You have put some thought behind this post - very well done.

elen b said...

Very clever! No not never will I leave the house again without my camera :)

smilnsigh said...

Great "N" photos!

And I especially love the last one. Love it! But what is it? It's hanging on a ceiling... Maybe a light fixture, not lit. But making an ammmmmmmmmazing reflection photo. I just love it!!!!


Neva said...

I love your choices for "N".....some very good ones....Love the cute....
My ABC's are up~
Neva ABC 1
Neva abc2

Neva said...

I love your choices for "N".....some very good ones....Love the cute....
My ABC's are up~
Neva ABC 1
Neva abc2

Katney said...

This was a wonderfully creative interpretation of N. And as for the rolling black bag---tell us about it? Or did you already and I missed it?

George Townboy said...

Great series of "Ns" LyNette! The last one is very cool!

Hyde DP said...

Excellent series showing how important it is for us to record those things that may not be there tomorrow. I can think of quite a few things on my blog that aren't there now.