Friday, October 17, 2014

Two of the three pairs of shoes that made the trip with me. My first hot meal of the trip. England Scotland Heritage Tour, 2014, from Trafalgar


My T-I-R-E-D feet wore the plaid slip ins from home to the hotel in London. The empty Saucony shoes in the middle took over this afternoon when we rode the Tube to Camden Market. I changed back to the slip ins for a walk down to the front desk to try to g

My T-I-R-E-D feet are in the plaid slip-ons. I wore them on departure day, not wanting to be slowed down by having to tie shoes at the airports in Portland and Calgary. I changed to the Saucony's in the middle of the photo for our first outing in London on Monday, October 6. Once we left our hotel, Ibis Earl's Court on the Lillie Road, we took three tube trains, the District, Piccadilly, and Northern Lines, to Camden Market. Tired fun was the order of the day! Back at the hotel, the plaids served as slippers.


Back to our fun! Once we exited the Camden Market tube station, this large orange sign grabbed my attention. Since one of my goals on this trip was to eat some flaky, delicious British fish and chips, I pointed it out to Juliet. We crossed the street, talked with a nice young man giving out information about their specials and gladly accepted his help through the doorway.


Once we stepped inside, we knew instantly we were in the right place. The young man explained to the two lovely young ladies who ended up waiting on us that we were hungry and interested in their menu.

Can you tell how delicious these British fish and chips with mint peas and authentic Italian salsa verde struck me this afternoon? I cannot remember exactly, but I think it was 3:30 or later London time, that we ate a late lunch at a small but very nice r

Can you tell from my photo the perfection of this lunch? Flaky haddock, piping hot chips, fresh mint peas and authentic Italian salsa verde--the young ladies were Italian, so they should know! I cannot remember exactly, but I think it was 3:30 or later London time when we ate and neither one of us needed another meal that day. Satisfied to the Nth degree with our meal--Juliet had grilled mackerel--we got directions to Camden Market from the same young man out and the sidewalk and made our way to the shops.


William Kendall said...

It looks like a good place for a bite to eat.

Randy said...

The food looks tasty!

RedPat said...

I feel tired reading about your trip! The food will give you energy!