Saturday, October 25, 2014

The all-important afternoon cup of tea, even more so after a glass of champagne because I needed to be in spit-spot shape to enjoy our dinner at St. JOHN Restaurant


Everyone with plans to attend the champagne reception which followed the Quit Rents Ceremony walked to the nearby Inns of Court--we walked with the lady who had recommended Richard as speaker. We had a grand time in a nice-sized room during which I met the two new Sheriffs of the City of London and gave each of them a uniform shoulder patch from where I work (the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office) which both of them thoroughly enjoyed receiving and showing to those nearby, saying, "Look what Lynette's given me, from her Sheriff!" I also introduced myself to the Queen's Remembrancer who, when he found out I'm from Portland, took off looking for his son Felix. I think he said Felix' godmother is from Portland--I wonder if I remember that correctly? Felix and I talked about Portland--he lives in NYC and had come home to attend this event, his father's last since he's retiring. Turns out Felix is friends with Portland's own Storm Large! Not that I know her, but I've seen her perform at Pioneer Courthouse Square! Small world. Richard and I made our way out of the building. On the way out, Richard wanted me to see this huge room, all set up for a dinner. Amazing space. I believe he said that at some point he'd attended an event in it--set up at that time as a disco! I wish I could remember more--there was something else about Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream.


One of my favorite signs seen on the whole trip, as we exited the Inns of the Court. We took a black cab to Richard's hotel.


Ah, so nice to sit and relax in the Malmaison bar with a cup of tea. Richard went upstairs to change while I enjoyed the quiet. Don't you love the effect of the glass tabletop? I certainly do!


Dinner for four at St. JOHN Restaurant. A collage. Richard's tripe with fennel & bacon; my roasted mutton, carrots & aioli; Paula's hake, white beans & green sauce (Paula who lives in London is a friend of Juliet's son Tristan who lives in Brooklyn); Juliet's rabbit saddle & braised red cabbage; our new potatoes and Savoy cabbage; two desserts whose names I didn't get because Richard and I ordered that plate of what turned out to be too many madeleines. I never thought I'd think such a thought, much less live through it--too many piping hot madeleines. I wish I had a couple of them right now! Juliet had her much-desired bone marrow parsley salad as an appetizer--I forgot to take a photo! Anyway, now we've dined at the number one eatery on Anthony Bourdain's 2009 list of the thirteen places where one should dine before one dies!


William Kendall said...

I have no doubt seen Inns of the Court in a documentary at some point, because it's very familiar to my eyes.

Randy said...

Interesting looking food.