Sunday, April 27, 2014

Foggy morning commute, April 7, 2014


Once I crossed the street after stepping off the first of two vehicles which make up my morning commute, either two buses or a bus and a streetcar, I immediately realized I had to get my camera out of my backpack and take a few photos. Fog, the streetlights on the Burnside Bridge, the Big Pink disappearing into the fog, the neon Portland, Oregon, sign. All called out to me. Happy to have had the chance to take several photos before the streetcar arrived.


I took this photo as the streetcar slowly headed south on MLK--a split second opportunity.


Barbara Farr said...

Love your top shot. The lights leading the eye across the bridge to the Portland sign.

William Kendall said...

Fog does offer up such good opportunities for photography. I like these, particularly that first one. Very moody.

Randy said...

That first photo is fantastic.