Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Blazer fans arrive early evening Sunday, before game four, first round NBA playoffs. The Moda Center, home of my Portland Trail Blazers!


Yes, I consider this team mine. And I'll wager each fan does much the same in whatever sport or sports that they love to watch. We went on to win game four, in overtime by three points. That was the third overtime game in the four played up until that point. It's a best of seven series--the Trail Blazers have it 3-1 right now. Game five is in Houston tonight. Go, Blazers!

Lillard, Damian Lillard that is, is our point guard. Rookie of the year last season, All Star this season. He's a treat to watch play and a treat to listen to his interviews--he's a well-spoken young man who knows that in the end, it's the entire team, not just him, that makes things. By the way, when he's introduced, Mark Mason says, ". . . wearing the letter O, Damian Lillard!" I love it!


William Kendall said...

Aside from his clothes, the fellow on the left could have just stepped out of the Civil War with that beard.

Randy said...

He wants to take in all of the excitment.