Thursday, April 24, 2014

Come to Rip City, Houston. Besides our smart, dedicated, skilled and determined team and coaching staff, we've got one more ace up our sleeve.


Our Portland Trail Blazers defeated the Houston Rockets twice in Houston, once on Sunday, once on Wednesday. Next two games take place in Portland. Besides all of the great basketball that I expect to see from the Trail Blazers, I also expect to see a good deal from the fellow in motion, wearing the white shirt. That's Free Throw Guy! Whenever a player from the opposing team attempts a free throw at the basket in front of the Trail Blazers' bench, he times his jumps and swoops to coincide with the second prior to the release of the ball, in an attempt to bring about a missed free throw. It works! Frequently!


The girls in the two-piece outfits are members of the Portland Trail Blazers Stunt Team. Tiny, strong, talented ladies who fly up into the air or balance in designed shapes with their team members (sorry, I don't know the official term), with the help and support of the guys on the stunt team.


The guy in the black and white outfit, just in front of Free Throw Guy in this photo is one of the stunt team guys. Go, Free Throw Guy! I took these photos on December 28, 2013.


William Kendall said...

Dynamic crowd shots!

Melissa said...

Very exciting for the Trailblazers!!! Do you have season tickets, Lynette? Also, I don't know if you watch Portlandia or not, but they did a great Trailblazers episode a few weeks ago.

Randy said...

Nothing like the playoffs!