Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First visit to Disneyland, Day Two, Post No. 2


Street performances happen every time you turn around, seems like. Here's a shot from the first one we witnessed at Disney California Adventure on January 18, 2014--it's on Buena Vista Street. Neat to see children from the audience taking part, some with no shyness at all, some a bit unsure. Still, making memories is what it's all about. Here's what I found online about this particular group: Five 'N' Dime
         A group of maverick musicians arrive in their makeshift jalopy on their way from Chicago to Hollywood looking for their big break. They enlist the help of the crowd (and Goofy) while performing standards from the 20s and 30s.

I don't remember seeing Goofy out there with them, but you can tell that his outfit goes with theirs and he was on Buena Vista Street posing with park visitors--we saw him there before we enjoyed the performance.


Once the performance ended, Five'N'Dime climbed in their jalopy to continue the journey towards their big break.

I found a bit more about Five'N'Dime online and saw photos of Goofy included in their performance, when it debuted. Changes must have been made in the meantime--this is pretty interesting reading: Five and Dime is a talented quintet of jazz performers (“Five”) plus one vocalist (“Dime”) who roll out several times daily onto Buena Vista Street from Hollywood Land and park in Carthay Circle to perform a variety of familiar standards and dance-worthy numbers. Alan Bruun, creative director of entertainment for Disneyland Resort, describes the group as moving to Hollywood after “having sold everything, bought this jalopy, [and] driven down from Chicago to make it big in the movie business.” Featuring the sounds of a saxophone, trumpet, guitar, drums, upright bass, and one powerful voice, this group commands attention across Buena Vista Street, drawing visitors to circle around and enjoy their 15-minute show, with some guests even pulled into the show to join the group for a tune or two. And Goofy, sporting a bright green zoot suit, also joins in the toe-tapping fun. Of all the new live entertainment added to Disney California Adventure, Five and Dime fits the 1920s theme the best, offering the feeling and vibe of the early 1900s. The official debut performance of Five and Dime took place on the morning of June 14, 2012 during a special press preview of Buena Vista Street and the rest of the “new” Disney California Adventure theme park. That performance, including some entirely amusing facial expressions from one of the guests who somewhat unwillingly became involved, can be seen below.


Julie(t) said...

The colors, the sweetness, the fun!

William Kendall said...

Boy, is that an old jalopy!

Excellent shots!

Barbara Farr said...

Fun shots of your trip. I like the statue of Walt and Mickey.

Randy said...

Looks very entertaining.