Saturday, August 17, 2013

What could these be? Look all the way to the last of the post and see.


Clue 1A

Clue 1B

Clue 2A


Clue 2B


Clue 2C

Clue 2D

Clue 2E

Da-da! Here for you to see.


And here, too. Which clue gave it away for you? I'm curious. Thanks!


And most unbelievable of all, this price tag! I couldn't see the one of the green chair from out of the sidewalk where I stood, gawking and photographing. I'm guessing it was a twin, if not identical at least fraternal. Note, the word consignment on the tag. I have no idea if these two ever sold. Nor can I imagine sitting on either. Have you had the opportunity to sit on something like either one of these? I am still curious. Thanks!


Barbara Farr said...

Net looking chairs, but I w oust spend 900$ on something I can't sit on!?!? Art vs function.

JM said...

I saw the thumbnail on the CDP Fb page and couldn't resist finding out what this is. Amazing chairs and great close-ups!

Madge Bloom said...

Chairs??! How cool is that!?

malielan said...

è come per il letto di chiodi dei Fachiri..basta posizionarsi e prepararsi mentalmente:)) Molto originale ,davvero e le fotografie molto belle. Buona serata Nicoletta

Patty said...

What happens if the wires poke through to the body?

Lynette said...

Contento che ti piaccia la foto, Nicoletta. Grazie per i vostri commenti. HO usato un traduttore online di scrivere questo. Spero che funzioni correttamente.

Will R said...

I guess right after the second photo! How cool, I bet they are comfy! Especially the tennis ball on! What a great idea! Love it!

Jack said...

Thank you, but they are not for me.

Randy said...

How fun but pretty pricey!

Lowell said...

Not for me, but fun to look at!

Re your comment: I've also had a number of requests for use which I almost always grant. I found about this picture in question (which was of a yardarm in The Villages) when someone who lives in The Villages sent me an email and gave me a link to the company's website and sure enough, my photo is part of their logo. I sent them a cease and desist but never heard from them.

Birdman said...

I won't have to worry. Ain't fittin in this 200+ old farmhouse.

VP said...

No way I would have ever guessed this... Very nice and original images!


Haven't yet had the pleasure to sit on something so unique, and at that price tag I might never:) Great captures.

Bob Crowe said...

$865? That might be proportionate to the design and manufacturing wonk but certainly not the comfort.