Friday, August 16, 2013

Waterfront Blues Festival, July 4, 2013, After-Hours Allstars at the Marriott

The fabulous music just kept on coming, y'all! And I took some photos as allowed by the light and my momentary ability to stand still. It was not easy to do that because these folks had us all movin' this and movin' that. I had a blast! The party was over around midnight, and I ended up waiting for-ev-er for a cab, which made me some kind of tired on July 5, but it was worth it!

Patrick Lamb hosted the after-hours party on July 4. I'm hoping that I have the identities right on these other musicians. Maybe someone will comment if I've made error, straighten me out and all that.

Eddie Martinez

Ben Jones, with the silhouette of a nearby microphone making like some sort of tattoo. I hope Ben's OK with this photo.

Tad Robinson

Jennifer Batten

Patrick with Andy Stokes.


Patrick getting down on that saxophone, with the nearby microphone thankfully not making a tattoo on his face.

Jennifer again.

Andy again.

I love this photo because to me it shows the appreciation that one musician has for the efforts of another.

This is a much better profile photo of Ben. Yea!

A candid moment as the end of the song is near. Love the animation!

Tim "Too Slim" Langford

Karen Lovely moves a whole lot while singing.

See what I mean?

For a split second, Karen was still enough for me to get a mostly focused photo. Yea!
  DSC_0105_PM Here they are during the last song of the night, two Portland gems, Patrick Lamb and Ben Jones. Most Thursday evenings, Ben hosts Ben Jones and Friends at the Blue Diamond PDX, my neighborhood bar which has live music seven nights a week. Sweet!

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Randy said...

Boy, Jennifer has got some serious 80's hair going on.