Thursday, August 1, 2013

Something I never, ever expected to see in my life, at the Waterfront Blues Festival on the 4th of July


A flaming trumpet!


Here's a synopsis of the event, as seen through my zoom lens. The Dusty 45s on stage, almost finished with their set. The trumpet player's doing something with his horn. I've cropped these photos as closely as I dared, so that you could get a better look at what's going on here.

He lit the trumpet! Gosh! And he's got a microphone in his other hand. Now I realize he's going to play it for us and wants to make certain that we can hear it. Wow. I believe it is "The Lonely Bull," that Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass tune that I've always loved.
  DSC_0352PMYep, that's what he's doing! Wow! DSC_0358PM

Folks walking in the aisle turned their heads to take in the spectacle of a flaming trumpet.

Love that grin on the bass player's face!

And, he's done! What a finale! Later on, he accompanied Linda Hornbuckle as she sang the national anthem, flaming trumpet and all, right before the fireworks on the Willamette River. BTW, if you're on Facebook, like The Dusty 45s and you can find a clip of this wild event on their page, dated July 22, with this text above the video clip--Getting warmed up for Slim's Last Chance this Saturday (July 27th)!


Birdman said...

That's HOT!

william braquemard said...


Jim Klenke said...

thats pretty cool, but one of those dont try this at home type deals, lol.

Randy said...

That's interesting but what does it do to the sound?