Friday, April 5, 2013

April 5, the potential movement of Ratty Caddy, in all its new, customized glory--close-ups.

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Ratty Caddy, close-up #1.


Ratty Caddy, close-up #2.

Ratty Caddy, close-up #3.


Ratty Caddy, close-up #4.


Ratty Caddy, close-up #5.


Ratty Caddy, close-up #6.


Randy said...

Interesting car. Must have been some show.

Lowell said...

Ratty Caddy certainly fits the subject. What a machine! I had an older Caddy once. Loved it, but so expensive to run and fix!

Unknown said...

Dave Eagles (Ratty Caddy Owner) worked REALLY hard this year to git ur done for the show. Portland Roadster Show 2013. While the blown small block chevy was being built by Get Bent! Exhaust, Dave was at his house for nearly a month sanding, scraping, prepping the body for paint. When the BLOWN chevy was done, Steve @ Get Bent in Clackamas installed the motor, then painted his car in 40 degree weather in a not heated garage. (you can tell by the paint) When he drove in the event, people's heads turned in delight! The engine ran great and had so much exhaust pressure, it blew the dust off of the rafters 40 feet up covering the freshly trailered and cleaned trailer queens! IT WAS AWESOME! Dave also won first in his class!!! Congrats!