Saturday, April 6, 2013

April 6, the movement of the Portland Trail Blazers' mascot, Blaze

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Blaze runs out onto the court and circles center court several times, all the while with this huge flag flying out behind him. At the April 5 game against the Houston Rockets, I took this photo, which I particularly like because both of Blaze's feet are off the court for just the split second that it took for the Nikon D50 to take the photo. Cool, if you ask me.


Andy said...

I also say it's cool. Great capture for a indoor shot.

Birdman said...

Clear shot here. Enjoy the playoffs!

Randy said...

Now that would be a fun job. Well maybe when I was younger.

Lowell said...

Very cool. You were quick on the trigger! I think you're having way too much fun! ;)