Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thanks for your indulgence

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Oh, look! Oh, look! The mountain's out! 
I shall have to change my walking route.
A photo or two I must stop and take
Then meet Lamont for our date At Paddy's Bar & Grill and big-screen TV
On which the Blazers defeating the Spurs I plan to see. 

Good nachos, and despite Blazer injuries and a so-so well-margarita,
While we watched we talked music, basketball, and his cooking at Provvista.
By the final horn, the Blazers had built a thirty-point lead and won!
Lamont & I agreed we'd had a whole lotta fun!

We hugged outside on the corner.
I headed for a bus one way,
He headed for a bus the other.
Bye, love you, we always say.

I walked off thinking on
This city and living near
My two sons
Who are so dear.

Asked if my life is blessed,
I answer a resounding, "Yes!"


Bob Crowe said...

The picture's terrific.
Is it HDR?
You live in a city
Where you don't need a car.

St. Louis ain't like that.
We're out on the plains.
If you like to take buses
You'd blow out your brains.

Randy said...

Wonderful post and photo.

Birdman said...

The mountain's out. I like that.

This is Belgium said...

great posting ! wonderful poetry
happy sunday !

Jack said...

You are indeed lucky to have your two boys so near and such an active part of your life. Must have been a good mother.