Friday, March 29, 2013

Seen on the street, February 16, 2013, No. 8

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The man's hooded jacket has not been streaked with watered-down white paint. Those streaks are the falling rain, better visible after I altered this photo with PicMonkey's HDR. I wanted you to be able to see the rain. I took this photo downtown a block east of Pioneer Courthouse Square.

This is the unaltered image--very little rain visible. Rest assured, at its original size at Flickr, you can see rain drops in more parts of the image than his jacket.


Ruth Frank said...

I think I sat next to you on the #12 bus yesterday. Did not want to ask because it seemed kind of rude. But I went back and looked at your pictures from the Blazer workout room. I think it was you. Your photos are the best and I really enjoy your stories.

Barbara Farr said...

I like the colors that come thru in the wet sidewalk of the HDR version.

Randy said...

I really like the effects in the first photograph.

Lynette said...

Thanks, Ruth. Glad you're enjoying my blog. Be sure to say, "Hi!" next time, OK?

Julie said...


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