Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Look who I found in the Trail Blazers' weight room mirror!

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On the left, partially visible, is Joe Becker, sportscaster from KGW, Channel 8, Portland's NBC affiliate. Right next to him is KGW Ace Sports Photographer Brian/Bryan. And there, in the black and white checkered flag visor--that's me! I took this photo on February 20 at the Trail Blazers' Player Palooza. Moments later, I looked around, saw Joe and stuttered myself into a conversation with him, all about how awestruck we were to be in the Blazers weight room and what we thought about Player Palooza. Before we parted, he'd asked to interview me for the sportscast, saying he couldn't guarantee that it would make it on the air. My answer when he asked what did I think of Player Palooza made it on the evening's three broadcasts--I was still at the event when the earliest one showed, I managed to stay awake to see the 10 p.m., then promptly fell asleep and missed it at 11 p.m. One person I ride the bus with and two people I work with saw me, too!


Here it is again, altered with the HDR special effect at PicMonkey.

And here's the original, uncropped, unresized, and unaltered image. By the way, the folks sitting on stools just outside the door to the weight room--two members of the Trail Blazers' stunt team.


Bob Crowe said...

You got a press pass! I don't got a press pass to nuthin'.

Julie(t) said...

Next stop, locker room!

Randy said...

Well look at you.