Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Seen on the street, February 16, 2013, No. 1

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First, that white cloth above his jeans is the top of his tighty-whiteys, not a "crack in the butt" sighting. I promise. I looked, with some trepidation, at the original image in its largest size, just to make sure. Second, I first saw him as we walked toward each other. As he stopped at the Benson Bubbler, I approached on his right and watched without being obvious as I walked by. I knew I had to take a photo, but I also knew that it would be smart for me to take it once I was beyond him. I definitely did not want him to notice that I was taking a picture. Third. Out of the shopping bag, he took a partially filled two-liter plastic bottle, opened it and held it in his left hand. The liquid in it was orange. Next, he filled his mouth with water, brought the bottle neck to his mouth and spit the water into the bottle. Honest. That's what he did, several times before I managed to get past him and turn to take this photo. Tell me the truth, now. You're glad I didn't get a photo of him spitting into that bottle, right? 

A part of the sculpture Talos No. 2 by James Lee Hansen is visible at the right. All along the TriMet Transit Mall downtown, you'll find public art of all sorts. This corner is where the Bank of California stands, right across the street from the U. S. National Bank, both by architect A. E. Doyle. If you search my blog for Bank of California, you'll see the corner on several of the posts. I cannot get a link to any of them to work--sorry.


LOLfromPasa said...

I love the sight of those drinking fountains and I agree this shot is perfect. Wish they had drinking fountains around here. Fun too seeing what looks like downtown Portland, I presume.

Julie(t) said...

We could imagine all kinds of things this guy was doing if you hadn't told us!

Julie(t) said...

That's a lovely keeper! Perfection.

Randy said...

Excellent capture.

Julie(t) said...

Oops my comment about That's a Keeper was meant for the Bubble picture.