Monday, February 4, 2013

Seen on the street

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On my chilly, windy walk from the MAX Yellow Line to the Rose Garden Arena, I noticed this coat. My first thought, "How cute. A bow and ruffles." My second thought, "What a useless coat." After I passed them, I stopped, turned back and took this photo, quickly, which means it's somewhat blurry. Better to hurry and be blurry than to be noticed and/or spend more time in the cold. 

When I looked at the photo in its original, largest size, I noticed that she's tied her belt into a bow which I think is a neat thing to do when you don't want to tie it in front, and if the material will hold the shape. 

I took this photo on Saturday, January 26, right before 6 p.m. as I walked up to the arena to wait in the line outside my entrance. The Blazers won the game that night, against the Las Angeles Clippers! 



I agree, better to be in hurry and blurry than freeze or have nothing at all! That is very cool about the bow, I wish I had the fashion sense to do things like that:)

-K- said...

The thing I notice is their body language is relaxed. My guess is that they are not together on a first date.

Randy said...

Nothing like hanging out with friends.

tapirgal said...

I have less fascination with the coat, but I love the colors and the poses. I don't mind the blur. Kinda cool.