Sunday, December 30, 2012

Y'all, this food lives way too close to me.

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Slowburger is less than 600 feet from the front door of my building! When I walked there for a late lunch with Lamont and Leland on Saturday, I opted for two of their minis--any burger available on the menu but with three ounces of Painted Hills natural beef rather than eight ounces. I wanted to try more than one, don't you know. Am I ever glad that I did! On the left, we have the Seasonal: beef, no Pepper Jack for me, Tails & Trotters smoked bacon, jalapenos (I missed that word on the description, but after one bite and my lips going up in virtual flames--the hottest ones I've tasted since I left Houston, Texas, in 1983--I had to pull them off and put them on the red-checkered paper!), no dill pickle for me, sweet and sour iceberg lettuce slaw, all on a Grand Central (local bakery) brioche bun. On the right, we have a One: beef, no Gruyere for me, onion ring, no pickle relish for me, butter lettuce and aioli, all on that same blissful bun.

Y'all, the meat was cooked splendidly, juicy and tasty. The additions competed nicely with the taste of the beef. And the bun held it all together without softening into being unable to cope with what was in between its two pieces.

In the basket behind my two minis--a large order of Sea Salt French Fries--I think they could change the name to Just Right Fries! I shared the fries and onion rings with Lamont and Leland.

The best onion rings I have eaten in years, Slowburger's Trumer Pils battered onion rings. I hope they'll taste as good the second time that I order them! I figure that they will.


Bob Crowe said...

Really cool food photography, something I've hardly ever tried. But it seems so un-Portland-ish! I thought you were all super healthy, eating tofu, nuts and berries, that sort of thing.

Lowell said...

Those items will set one's mouth to watering! It all appears so delicious, so decadent, so wonderful!

Re your comment: Now you know why the only class I ever flunked was chemistry! Bunsen burners indeed. I knew that!