Friday, December 14, 2012

A break from Christmas for an ecstatic Portland Trail Blazers' fan--me!


I am a big-time fan of my hometown's NBA team. This is my second year as a season ticket holder. Last night I figured we'd have a hard time staying with the San Antonio Spurs, but those men played basketball! Determined play, attention to detail, never getting down in their teamwork when the Spurs went ahead--all of this contributed to a WIN! We fans helped, too, hollering and watching and believing! I had a blast!

This is the photo I took with my iPhone just as the clock went to 0.0 left in the game, with the score Blazers 98, Spurs 90! Those are the first celebratory streamers to fly out of the ceiling! The minute I snapped it, I turned to my right and took off for the elevator, to begin my homeward commute. Go, Blazers!

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Randy said...

Great shot! I do miss going to games.