Sunday, June 26, 2011

Friends, Food, Fun--my Saturday!

FRIENDS: Casey, my friend from Mississippi, and Ryan, her friend and now my friend. I ran into them, well, actually, I walked up to them at the Farmers' Market at Portland State located in the tree-lined South Park Blocks early Saturday morning. Here's the back story: Having been alerted by Casey's Facebook post about the availability of Unger Farms Hood strawberries, I got myself downtown to the market early on. After buying two pints of the luscious-looking red ones, I grabbed my phone and called Casey, as promised. As I was leaving her a message along the lines of, "I'm at Unger's. I just bought my strawberries. Are you here yet? Oh, there you are ..." something like that because I cannot remember the exact words, but there, walking together about 10 feet from me, were Casey and Ryan! Later on, I took this photo of them near the main Information Booth for the market. Ryan's holding one of his pints of Hood strawberries! I'm using my strawberries in my milk and soy protein morning drink!

FOOD: Here's the busy Unger Farms booth.

FOOD: Something l love to buy at this particular market is a packet of Farmhouse pate from Chop. Yummy. I usually eat a little bit of it every week day for lunch, along with some chevre, Mango Madness Pepper Jelly, all on Triscuits. This week I'll have my fresh cherries, too! I forgot to take a photo at Baird Family Orchards, where I bought them.

FOOD: I didn't mean to make her mad when I said, "Could you move back? Your shadow's on the plate." But I did make the woman at Spring Hill Farm's market stall mad, and I apologized then and I continue to apologize now. I stopped her from being able to quickly enjoy her plate of food when she had a break from helping customers like me. Shame on me! Gotta love the photo, though!

FUN: This balloon guy's smile peeks through between the little girl and her daddy. See her mother and little sister looking on? The mom's smiling, the little sister appears at least to be very curious. I wonder about her big sister. Do you think there's a smile on her face?

FUN: Yes, she's smiling! Looks like her balloon creation is a monkey with its very own banana.


Madge said...

Love your collection of Farmer's Market shots... I am accepting 'Guest Blogger Photos' not on my site if you think you might be interested in sharing a 'best of the best' of Portland Daily Photo on The View From Right Here, a daily photo blog in Seattle. See my site for details...Best Regards!

*Honest Abe said...

Excellent post. I enjoyed reading it and looking at the photos.

Lynette said...

I accidentally deleted a comment, goofy me. Here is is, sort of. Sorry, Jack!

Jack at Hartford Daily Photo, has left a new comment on your post "Friends, Food, Fun--my Saturday!":

I liked your food photo, even if it made her mad.

Randy said...

I would have run over for some of those strawberries too. Great shots.

Birdman said...

It does look appetizing!