Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cast Iron Colonnade in Skidmore/Old Town

The Saturday that I rode the MAX to shop at the Dress Barn, I took this photo from the window. As I looked at it closely, deciding if/where to crop it, I noticed that gaggle of guys to the left beside the lamp post. Immediately I wondered, "Just what are the three of them looking at the one on his knees doing?" Then I noticed the women looking over their right shoulders towards the guys. Surely those two women are wondering, "Just what are they doing over there?"

The canopies which you see between the arches are a small bit of the western most part of the Saturday/Sunday Market. And that's an even tinier bit of the crowd out on a sunny day!

I love that guy's black and gray checkerboard shirt and pants! Now that I look at the photo again, I'm wondering, "Is the man in navy blue angry, or did I catch him at the moment of pushing his glasses up on his nose which made him look angry?" So I've cropped it closer. What do you think? Is he on one of those hands' free phones?

I found this information, and lots more about the area here, to share with you: In 1984 a colonnade consisting of cast-iron components salvaged from the North Wing of the New Market Theater by the Portland Friends of Cast Iron Architecture was erected on the site of the original building.


Jim Klenke said...

Thats a lot of people, not sure I dig the shirt/pants combo.

WendyB said...

Oh, I wish I knew what the man with the glasses was thinking! I'm going to vote for "not angry, just doing something."

Jack said...

Oh, he's angry all right. I don't think I will be buying that checkerboard outfit this summer.