Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I found a note about found objects--all due to Good Samaritan serendipity.

Saturday I got off the MAX Red Line at the wrong place in downtown Portland and ended up catching a Blue Line so that I could then catch a Green Line to make it closer to my ultimate destination, the Park Blocks in front of the Portland Art Museum. More about that tomorrow. If I had not made that mistake, I would have missed this amazing note, taped to one of the benches at the MAX shelter.

The wide shot of the bench, altered in Picnik to zoom in on the note.


Clytie said...

What a wonderful note to find! I would have taken a picture of it as well!!! There are still honest people in the world, aren't there? It warms my heart.

I LOVE the altered shot of the bench with the note. What a wonderful picture!

Jack said...

Finding and memorializing the note were pretty cool. The bench shot is REALLY cool.

Randy said...

What nice people. I love the bench shot!