Thursday, August 26, 2010

Music on Main, Dr. Theopolis, Aug. 18, 2010, Part #1

I took off early, rode the bus home, called for a taxi so that Mama and I could meet our friends Danielle and her mother Pat for an evening outdoors, listening to live music, for free! Danielle and Pat were here on a week's vacation, up from California. We had a great time listening to a band called Dr. Theopolis, quite a talented group of eight men who also happened to be quite easy on the eyes. Here you see four of them. Would that you could hear them.

One more of Dr. Theopolis.

And one more. Two to go.

The last two.

All eight of Dr. Theopolis, plus a bit of the crowd.

Come back tomorrow for shots of the crowd livin' it up to the funky beat!

If you get a minute, take a look at my other blog, Mama & Me from PDX--we're still on vacation over there! It's all about lug nuts at Talladega Superspeedway!


Bogdan Stelistul said...

Salut!!!My name is bogdan from Romania!!!
We can be friends ???

Rowen said...

Looks like fun. And I recognize the spot, too. You’re right next to Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, which would be to the north of the band. They’re facing west toward the South Park Blocks.

Lynette said...

Rowen's right about the location.

Jim Klenke said...

Neat shots, I bet they sounded great. I havent seen a live band in ages.