Monday, August 2, 2010

A Couple of Zipsters! That's Mama and me.

Kaleb of Zipcar took this photo of us right after we walked up to the Grand Opening of their new office on the corner of SW 10th and SW Yamhill. I had taken a day of vacation so that we could go to the Lucky Eagle, but we went to her lung doctor's office first so that she could have her oxygen titrated and her home oxygen prescription updated. Now we can go somewhere and spend the night! Once we finished there, we headed for the Grand Opening. I couldn't believe how lucky we were to find a parking spot within a hundred feet!

The new office--very visible to all who go by on mass transit, both the MAX and the Streetcar. They just might be potential Zipsters!

Meet Scion xA Artale, our vehicle of the day. It lives at NW 21st and Flanders, a mere two blocks away from home. It drives very well, but my first thought as I pulled out to turn right was "This is like driving a windshield!" Not one bit of the hood is visible as you drive.

Mama posed at the back of the car.

Mama posed at the passenger door of the car. She's standing there, both feet in the street, then she asks, "Want me to put my foot up?" Cutie pie! I like this one a whole lot!

Mama in the passenger seat. Don't worry, I put her seatbelt on her before I got into the car.

And here I am, smirking somewhat for the camera as I held it out in front of me and pushed the button.

We lost our money at the casino--imagine that--but we did enjoy the outing. I got to take a few photos of a splendid vintage Chevrolet Apache truck as well as a few of some round bales of hay. Come back for them tomorrow.

And head on over to Mama and Me from PDX for our supper and some trick-or-treaters from Oct. 31, 2009.


Ming the Merciless said...

I love the Zipcar idea. I saw them in NYC but never really rented one before.

arabesque said...

what a gr8 bonding! ^0^
i can see both you and your mom did have a gr8 time,

ps: your theme day post was just breathtaking! ^-^

WendyB said...

Looks like that smirky photo!

brian stout said...

great post!! we saw these zipcars down in Austin when we ran the Capital 10k down there. It's a neat idea ~ they need to start this program everywhere!

Jim Klenke said...

Great shots of you and mama. I really like the first one. I havent had much luck at the casino lately.

Small City Scenes said...

super shots of both of you. What a fun outing. Zipcar eh. MB

Kaori said...

I absolutely love your mama's sunglasses! And a great self portrait, too :D

Clytie said...

You guys are beautiful!

Your mama looks like she is the life of the party - what a smile! Do I detect a little devilishness there?

Julie said...

what a great tribute. very well done

Birgitta "foto CHIP" said...

Cute zipsters I must say :)