Friday, August 6, 2010

Bridge Lift, Morrison Bridge, July 16, 2010

After the PDX Bridge Festival KICKOFF event, I walked south to the steps that go up to the Morrison Bridge so that I could catch the 15 bus home. As I climbed the steps, I noticed tail lights on the bridge, cars crossing the bridge from Southeast Portland or coming off the exit from I-5 southbound. Ah, I said jubilantly to myself. Sharon Wood Wortman's bridge walk is now inside the western leg of the Morrison Bridge. The bridge operator is opening the bridge as part of the tour! What an ever-lovin' treat to see it from where I stood at the top of the steps. You see, I went on one of her bridge walks back in 2008 and have yet to post about it because I took so doggone many photos that I can't make up my mind which ones to post!

This is blurry, but I wanted to share it with you anyway. I took it from the 15 as we rode west across the now closed bridge. That's the bridge operator's tower you see through the window. Those colors and shapes are some of the people on Sharon's bridge walk. That is one of the things you get to do, hear all about it from the bridge operator. Neat-o!

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billyB said...

They lift the bridge for tourists? I bet that makes them popular.

May I enquire what PDX stands for? You mention it quite a lot.